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Cheshire County Glossary of Terms

The following abbreviations are used in the index books to describe the type of document that has been recorded.

(Definitions according to Black’s Law Dictionary)

AFFID – Affidavit – A written declaration or statement of facts made voluntarily

AG – Agreement – A mutual understanding between two or more parties

AN – Assignment – A transfer of some kind of property usually intangible such as rights to a mortgage or lease

AT – Attachment – A document used to seize debtor’s property in order to secure a debt

CD – Collector’s deed – Tax Collector deeds property for delinquent taxes

DC – Death Certificate – (Usually filed when there was joint tenancy and one of the parties has died)

FID DEED – Fiduciary Deed – A deed in which a person manages property for another, i.e. executor of an estate, receiver in bankruptcy

DISCH – Discharge – To release – to extinguish an obligation

EA – Easement – The right to use the land of another for a special purpose

FORECL – Foreclosure Deed – Procedure by which mortgaged property is sold on default of mortgagor for satisfaction of a mortgage

MTG – Mortgage – An interest in land created by a written instrument providing security for the performance of a duty or the payment of a debt

PR – Partial Release – Releasing specific parcels

PW – Power of Attorney – An instrument authorizing another to act as one’s agent or attorney

M-H Quit – Manufactured Housing Quitclaim

M-H Wty – Manufactured Housing Warranty

QUIT – Quitclaim Deed – A deed that neither the grantor or anyone claiming under him has encumbered the property

RO – Right of Way – The right of a party to pass over land of another

TA – Tax Advertisement – Advertising for non-payment of property taxes

TS – Tax Sale – Selling for the amount of delinquent taxes, thereby creating a lien – NOT a sale of the property

TP– Tax Release – Redemption of delinquent property taxes

TT – Tax Lien – Process by which tax collector liens owner for non-payment of property taxes

WTY – Warranty Deed – Deed is one in which the grantor warrants good title

&AL – When &AL follows a name in the index, there are others as a party to the document. If John & Mary Smith purchased property, they would be listed in the index as Smith, John &Al and Smith, Mary &AL

ATTORNEY – One who is appointed and authorized to act in the place of another, (In the most common sense, this means an “Attorney at Law” or a “Lawyer”

CREDITOR – One to whom a debt is owing by another person

DEBTOR – One who owes a debt

DEFENDANT – The party whom relief or recovery is sought in an action or suit

GRANTEE – The person who is receiving the property

GRANTING CLAUSE – The beginning paragraph of a document stating the sellers and buyers

GRANTOR – The person who is transferring property

LIEN – A charge or encumbrance upon property

MORTGAGE – A mortgage is an interest in a loan created by a written instrument providing security for the performance of a duty or payment of a debt

MORTGAGEE – He that takes or receives a mortgage

MORTGAGOR – One who pledges property to secure a loan

PLAINTIFF – A person who brings an action – the party who complains or sues in a civil action

PLAT – (Also referred to as a plan or a map) A drawing showing the location and boundaries of individual properties

REFERENCE CLAUSE – Follows the legal description and often begins “Meaning and intending to convey” and then often recites book and page where the current seller acquired the property now being sold –

SUBDIVISION- The division of a parcel of land into two or more lots

SURNAME – The last name changing the records.