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Cheshire County, NH

Anna Z. Tilton, Register
33 West Street Keene, New Hampshire 03431
Phone: 603-352-0403
Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Anna Z. Tilton, Register Phone: 603-355-3032
Mira Cook, Deputy Phone: 603-355-3004
Copy Dept. Phone: 603-355-3006

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Welcome to Cheshire CountyHOLIDAY SCHEDULE (Please check before visiting)
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You can now receive Recorded Documents back electronically!
To learn more click here on Swift. To sign up for Swift, click on our Swift Application.

The Cheshire County Registry of Deeds now offers “Payments on Line”
You will now be able to pay your Copy invoices on line through your Laredo Connect.  It’s fast and easy.  If you do not have a Laredo Connect Account go to for details. 

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What is L-Chip? Protecting New Hampshire’s Natural, Historic, and Cultural Resources.


Effective February 6, 2022

RSA 456-B (effective February 6, 2022)

New Hampshire laws have changed as of February 6, 2022.
Please refer to the New Hampshire Secretary of State’s website, including any linked pages and FAQs, for complete information.
Additional notarial requirements may be found in the Online Notary Public and Justice of the Peace Manual.


You can help the recording process by ensuring payments for recording fees, transfer tax and L-Chip are correct and are paid with three separate checks. We can also accept blank checks to be filled out if you wish. Please ensure that transfer tax and return information is included on the document. We will provide receipts when your document is mailed back to you. Rejected documents will also be returned via mail.

Call in advance with questions about fees. You can also go to our website for more information about recording fees Cheshire Recording Fees

E-recording information can be found on our site: Cheshire-E-Recording

Please call the Registry if you need a copy of a deed, information how to access our records from home, or for further information.

Anna Z. Tilton, Register. Cheshire County Registry of Deeds 33 West Street, Keene, New Hampshire NH 03431 Tel: (603) 352- 0403 email: Follow me on Facebook: Anna Z. Tilton Register of Deeds

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AVA: AVA is a FREE online browser-based search tool that allows you to run a quick search. Designed to be an easy-to-use search option, you can search AVA by clicking here on the Cheshire County Registry page.
AVA can be accessed using any internet browser or device and does not require any application to be downloaded. Copies will be paid with a credit card.

LAREDO: Laredo is a downloadable desktop application that is a robust and powerful tool for the professional user. Fidlar Technologies offers training webinars for those who wish to become more familiar with the software. Laredo allows searching and printing of records with an account. Copies are $2.00 per page.
Visit for more information.
• To search at your desk, download the Laredo application to your desktop. Once the Laredo icon is on your desktop you will launch the program by clicking on the icon.
• A User Name and Password is required for each Laredo User within an office or organization. You can choose to have just one account but only one person can use the account number at any one time (no multiple users at the same time).

Each account will have a $5/month maintenance fee. ($5 fee will not not assessed until October 1 to allow a free trial to determine if you want to use Laredo or if AVA will suffice.)
• Current account holders will need to add the letters “CH” in front their present account number to sign in. And again, only one person can use the account number at one time.
• To search on your device, download the Laredo Anywhere application to your device. You will need to set up a separate user name/password account for your device access.
For more information about Cheshire county please visit the Cheshire County Registry of Deeds page hosted at the Cheshire County website.

Upcoming Laredo/Tapestry Webinars
Searching with Laredo v8 Desktop, Laredo Anywhere, and Tapestry Webinars
These webinars cover the basics of searching with Laredo and Tapestry while also highlighting the new features in the latest version of Laredo. By attending, both new users and experienced users will learn how to effectively search county land records with some helpful tips and tricks. The webinars are hosted on the second and third Thursday of each month and start at 10 AM (CST). Each webinar lasts about 45 minutes.

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!!!Property Fraud Alert!!!
Attorney General Michael A. Delaney issued the following consumer alert to all
New Hampshire property owners:
Consumers should be aware of mailings being sent to property owners throughout the state
from companies using the names:


The mailings appear to be official government notices recommending, “that all United States [or New Hampshire] homeowners obtain a copy of their current grant deed” and further indicate that, for a fee of $86.00 or $87.00, these companies will provide the property owner with a copy of their Grant Deed and a Property Profile.
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Copy Fees

(Please note that you may obtain a copy of your deed from the Cheshire County Registry of Deeds
for the cost of two or three dollars)

***EFFECTIVE MAY 1ST 2013***
Separate checks required for recording fees, transfer tax, and L-Chip

Town location (Physical Location) is required on each document

Return postage or self addressed stamped envelope
must be included if being returned by mail.
Checks should be made payable to Cheshire County Registry of Deeds

See recording fees page for new information
Recording Fees

The Registry of Deeds is the office that processes information as it relates to the selling and buying of real property.
It is a public office open to the legal profession and general public for researching the records. Besides deeds, mortgages, liens and attachments, there are many other types of documents pertaining to land records filed with the Registry, for example, covenants for developments, by-laws for condo association, etc.
Plans of surveyed properties are also on record. The Registry houses a collection of plans of deceased surveyors that have been donated to the Registry and available for research. The Samuel Wadsworth collection, Heman Chase collection and the William House collection are available in the Registry.
The office provides information to the 22 towns and 1 city in Cheshire County regarding the sale of properties for tax purposes. There is much information available in the early volumes and anyone interested in genealogy will probably find it useful to research the records.
All documents have been micro-filmed for security purposes, and the office is now in process of scanning all documents and plans for ease in locating information. Copies of documents are available immediately if the customer is present. Requests by mail will be honored if book and page is known and payment is made at the time of request.
A closing room is available for public use. Please call ahead, (603) 352-0403, and speak with Audrey to reserve.

You can now access records using Tapestry, an alternative “pay as you go” resource, for searching land records.
Click here to access TAPESTRY
Please follow this link Contact Us for additional support and information.
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