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Cheshire County Recording Requirements


The Cheshire Country Registry of Deeds will not accept for recording any deed or instrument if the following is not incorporated within the deed or instrument.

ORIGINAL document on suitable paper with markings and of a size to insure permanent recording and reproduction. E-recordings must have wet ink signatures on all documents that are subsequently e-recorded.

The latest mailing address of the grantees named in the deed or instrument must be on the document.

The town in which the property is located must be identified in the first descriptive sentence in the document.

All signatures on a document shall be in black or dark blue ink and of sufficient color and clarity to ensure that the signatures are readable when the document is reproduced. All names shall be typed, printed, or stamped beneath the original signature.

Transfer tax must be applied to all deeds of conveyance unless exemption is stated in writing on the deed.

All documents shall consist of one or more individual pages not permanently bound or in a continuous form. A page means a written document other than a plat or survey, occurring on one side only, and not larger than eight and one-half inches in width and fourteen inches in length.

The document shall not have any attachment stapled or otherwise affixed to any page. However, individual pages of a document may be stapled for presentation for recording.

The first page of the document shall have a top margin of at least three (3) inches at the top, which shall be reserved for the recorder’s use.

Text, including but not limited to all names of parties to the agreement, shall be at least ten point in size.

Each document shall be of sufficient legibility for a clear reproduction.

Each document shall be on white paper of not less than twenty-pound weight without watermarks.

The following documents are exempt from document formatting requirements:
♦ A military separation document.
♦ A document that was executed outside of the United States.
♦ A certified copy of a document issued by a governmental agency, including a vital record
♦ A document where one of the original parties is deceased or otherwise incapacitated.
♦ A document formatted to meet court requirements.


Plans must be on Mylar if drawn after April 18, 1977 and must be legible and reproducible.

Plans must conform to the plat standards as of January 1, 2005

All plans must be drawn on one of the following standard sizes:

        8 ½ x 11″
        11 x 17″
        17 x 22″
        22 x 34″

All plats shall have a minimum of ½ inch margin on all sides

Upper left hand corner will be for the exclusive use of the Registry of Deeds for recording data.
(4″ x 2″ block works best)

Plans must be signed and sealed by a licensed land surveyor and have original signatures in permanent black ink.

Original signatures and proper approvals as required.

Title block shall be located in the lower right hand corner and should include :

        a. Owner of record
        b. Title of plat or development
        c. Plat and Revision dates
        d. Name of the town in which property is located

No shading or colors allowed.