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Cheshire County Disclaimer


The Registry is the ONLY source of the official public record of Cheshire County.

All information available in the Registry and for viewing on-line has been created with proprietary and copyrighted software. The cost of copies reflects the cost related to the scanning and maintaining of the official record using that software.

The indices of the Cheshire County Registry of Deeds contain entries of information pertaining to the names of the grantors and grantees, book and page of recording, location of property and date of record. Although every effort is made to ascertain that all the information is accurate before printing, errors do happen and when discovered corrected immediately. The Registry has no duty to notify any users of any such corrections and/or errors.

The parties agree by accepting this contract/agreement that they acknowledge that they should not rely on any copy of an index for information about a recorded instrument but should examine the instrument itself.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: All information shown is for reference only and not a substitute for the actual registry indices. The charges for copies is governed by RSA 478:17-g III. For copying any document or providing any other service, the charge shall be established and posted by the register of deeds.

By accepting this agreement you agree to abide by these terms.

I Accept Disclaimer Agreement

We are pleased to announce that, since September of 2013, we have been successfully accepting
e-recordings for most types of documents.

For more information to purchase copies please click here:

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Cheshire Registry of Deeds
33 West Street
Keene, N. H. 03431

***Cheshire County now has Day in Progress index data available online***