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Coos County, NH

Leon H. Rideout, Registrar | Sally Pelletier, Deputy Registrar
55 School Street , Suite 103
Lancaster, New Hampshire 03584
Phone: 603-788-2392 Vault: 603-788-4059
Fax: 603-788-4291
Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Welcome to Coos County

**Notice** 11/3/2020 – Vault is closed

Due to a higher number of COVID 19 cases in this region, the Vault at the COOS County Registry of Deeds will be closed to the public until further notice starting 11/3/2020.

Recordings will continue to be processed. However, they can only be delivered to a drop-box. This can be accomplished via USPS, carrier, or hand-delivery to the drop-box. ALL PLANS / SURVEYS ARE TO BE MAILED AS THEY DO NOT FIT IN THE DROP-BOX.


*** RECORDING STOPS at 3:30 PM, Effective October 1, 2016 ***

*** LCHIP Recording Surcharge, Effective July 1, 2008***

Effective January 1, 2015, SEPARATE CHECKS ARE REQUIRED FOR:
Transfer Tax Stamp (No Personal Checks for the tax stamp)
Recording Fees
LCHIP Surcharge
Do Not Submit Blank Checks

The Registry of Deeds is the office that processes information as it relates to the selling and buying of real property. It is a public office open to the legal profession and general public for researching the records. In addition to deeds, mortgages, liens and attachments, there are many other types of documents pertaining to land records filed with the Registry, for example, trustee certificates, power of attorney, plans etc.

The recording of important documents is one of the oldest functions performed by government. Centuries before the birth of Christ, the practice of stamping an official seal on documents was common.

The office provides information to 43 communities in Coos County (1 City – 19 Towns & 23 unincorporated places) There is a great deal of information available in the early volumes and anyone interested in genealogy may find it useful to research the records. The official records, maintained at this location, are dated from 1771.

Coos County (pronounced “CO-ahss” with two syllables), named for the indian word for pines, encompasses the entire northern section of the state, covering 1,804 square miles, 20% of the land area of the state of New Hampshire. The Abenaki word, also spelled cowass, cohoss, and coo-ash, was used to identify inhabitants of the region. The first reference to the area is found in the 1704 records of NH, which names the area “Cohoss” a large and valuable tract of land along the Connecticut River. The county is large in area – 1,855 square miles – but the most sparsely populated in the state with only about 35,000 people.

Coos County was separated from the northern part of Grafton County, New Hampshire and organized at Berlin in 1803, although, the county seat was later moved to Lancaster. The county includes the northern portion of the White Mountains, including all the summits of the Presidential Range, the most prominent of which is Mount Washington, the highest peak in New England and the Mid-Atlantic states.

Additional information on Coos County history can be found on the web pages at the University of New Hampshire (

The official records maintained at the Registry of Deeds is located at 55 School Street, Suite 103, Lancaster, NH 03584. Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, however we stop recording at 3:30 pm. Upon visiting our office a researcher has access to all our records, indexes, plans as well as document images. Records dated 1979 to present are computerized. The computers enable the user to locate both indexes and images at the touch of a button. Copies of documents may be obtained at our 55 School Street location, for a fee. Faxed copies may be obtained if the user has established a debit account in advance.

If you have a group or organization that would like to tour the Registry and learn more about the recording process, arrangements can be made by contacting Leon H. Rideout, Registrar or Sally J. Pelletier, Deputy Registrar. ( Telephone number: 603-788-2392; Fax number: 603-788-4291.