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Coos County Searching County Records

The Registry records are indexed by the name of the individual(s) to a transaction. Whether you are searching for a deed or a lien, you must have a name to begin the search. This applies to locating deeds, mortgages, etc. as well as surveys of properties. An approximate date of the transaction would be useful in hastening the search, but not absolutely necessary. If only the property location is known, you need to contact the town or city office where the property is located to determine who is the owner.

If you are looking for a deed and know the party purchasing the property, you would search the grantee index in the time period the transaction took place. If you know the party that sold the property, you would search the grantor index in the time period the transaction took place.

If you are searching for liens against the property owner, you would search the grantor index, as a lien is a right to retain property for payment of some debt, obligation or duty whether giving voluntarily such as a mortgage or involuntarily, such as a attachment. If searching for a release or discharge, you would need to search both the grantee indexes.

If you are looking for a plan on a piece of property you can search the grantor index. All plans are indexed.

Once the name has been located in the index, a book and page will be listed. You may now pull the book to read the document or use the computer.

WE WILL explain how the records are indexed, but WE WILL NOT search the records for you, interpret documents or give you legal advice as to how to prepare documents.