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Coos County

Leon H. Rideout, Registrar | Sally Pelletier, Deputy Registrar
55 School Street , Suite 103
Lancaster, New Hampshire 03584
Phone: 603-788-2392 Vault: 603-788-4059
Fax: 603-788-4291
Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

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Coos County Laredo

Laredo Desktop Search is a feature rich, downloadable Windows desktop application that will not only run within the registry for public searches, but can optionally be run from the comfort of your business or home. The convenience of running Laredo Desktop Search remotely will come with a $10/month fee. In addition, images will be $2/page to print. If you choose this path, you will be invoiced for your usage at the end of each month.

**Note Books 729 and prior are UNVERIFIED and may therefore be poor or incorrect images.
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Laredo Anywhere Search is a web based product that will run on any mobile device and Mac.
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