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Grafton County

Kelley J. Monahan, Register
3855 Dartmouth College Highway North Haverhill, New Hampshire 03774
Phone: 603-787-6921
Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
E-Recording: 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

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Grafton County Copy Fees

Copy Fees
Checks should be made payable to Grafton County Registry of Deeds.

No personal checks accepted for more than $10.

(Return Postage to be added)
$1 per page
Certified copies – $1 per page plus $2 per document

$4 per full-size sheet
$1 per 8 1/2 x 14 sheet from computer

$2 per sheet (outgoing)
$1 per sheet (incoming)

Index data online is available for viewing for no charge. Images online can be printed for $1 per page with an online account.
There is a $120.00 annual account fee to establish an online account.

Please contact the Registry at (603) 787-6921 to set up an online account.