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Grafton County

Kelley J. Monahan, Register
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General Recording Requirements

As of February 18, 2012
The Grafton County Registry of Deeds will refuse to record any documents bearing a blood thumb print.
This policy has been adopted for the protection of  the registry staff from unnecessary exposure to a bio-hazard.

Please do not staple or color in seals on documents.


NH RSA: Section 78-B:2

document on material with markings and of a size to insure suitable permanent recording thereof.

NH RSA 478:4 (Recording requirement)

B. 1. The latest mailing address of the grantees named in the deed or instrument.

        2. The names of all municipalities in which the property is located in the first descriptive sentence.
     3. The names of each person signing the deed or instrument as party to the transaction, printed or typed under the signature.

(NH RSA 478:4a Form of Recording)

        This statute does not allow the recording of deeds and instruments if the above information is not included within the deed or instrument.

C. Transfer tax applied to all deeds of conveyance unless exemption is stated on deed.

D. Name of Justice printed under signature (eff. 1/2000)

Plat Law

Plans must be on wash-off Mylar if drawn after April 18, 1977 and must be legible and reproducible.

Plans must conform to the plat standards as of January 1, 2005

All plans must be drawn on one of the following standard sizes:

        8 ½ x 11″
        11 x 17″
        17 x 22″
        22 x 34″

All plats shall have a minimum of ½ inch margin on all sides

Upper left hand corner
will be for the exclusive use of the Registry of Deeds for recording data.
(4″ x 2″ block works best)
Plans must be signed and sealed by a licensed land surveyor and have original signatures in permanent black ink.
Original signatures and proper approvals as required.

Title block shall be located in the lower right hand corner and should include :
        a. Owner of record
        b. Title of plat or development
        c. Plat and Revision dates
        d. Name of the town in which property is located

No shading or colors allowed.