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Hillsborough County

Mary Ann Crowell, Register | Lisa Adams, Controller/Assistant

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Hillsborough County General Information

New Hampshire counties were first created by the Provincial Act of 1769. The act divided the Province into five counties. Hillsborough was named for the Earl of Hillsborough, a councilor of King George III. The original jurisdiction of the County included 13 towns that are now in Merrimack County. In 1823, those towns were detached and geographical boundaries of Hillslborough County were defined as they exist today.

The Town of Amherst was established as the county seat because it was the largest farming community. A jail was constructed and court sessions were held in the Amherst Public Meeting House. County officers and justices served the King of England. In January 1776, a temporary New Hampshire Constitution was ratified reaffirming the Courts of General Sessions of the Peace but now county officers were servants of the people not the King of England. The County Convention voted in 1864 to move the Jail and Courthouse from Amherst to Manchester. Nashua became the county seat and space for the Courthouse, Register of Deeds and Register of Probate was rented from the City of Nashua. In 1901 the Registry of Deeds moved to its current location on Temple Street in Nashua.

What’s Available in the Registry

Indexes containing Grantor and Grantee records alphabetically and by year are located in the records area. Computer stations also have the grantor and grantee index available from the years 1961 through current. Images of the documents for this time period are also available as are the images for the current year.

Plans are listed under the owner’s name, development name, subdivision or condominium name and street name.