Rockingham County| Account Information

Rockingham County, NH

Cathy Ann Stacey, Register
Becky Burns, Deputy Register

Mailing Address                                    Physical Address

                    P.O. Box 896                                  (UPS, FED EX & Directions)
                                                                                               Kingston, NH 03848                                          10 Route 125                                                                                                 
                                                                                                                        Brentwood, NH 03833                                        

Tel. (603)642-5526| Fax (603)642-5930
Office hours – Monday through Friday8:00 am – 4:00 pm
Recording Line Closes at 3:30 pm

Rockingham Registry Home

To Establish and Account

In order to enable printing of copies online, you must first establish a charge account with the Rockingham County Registry of Deeds. If you wish to subscribe to this service, please complete the attached form, accompanied with the $100 one time set-up fee, and return it to the Rockingham County Registry of Deeds at the address listed on the form.

Copy Fee Schedule

Copy purchased on site at the Registry of Deeds office $1.00 per page; or $1.50 per (small) plan or $3.00 per (to scale) plan
Copy purchased from the Internet $1.00 per page or $1.50 per plan
Copy faxed from the Registry of Deeds office $3.00 per page

If you choose not to have an account, the images and index data will still be available for viewing. If you wish to obtain a copy, send a note to the Registry stating the book and page of the document requested along with the fee of $1.00 per printed page plus appropriate postage.

All accounts will be due & payable within 10 days of receipt of the bill. If accounts are not kept current, all privileges will be forfeited and you will be put on a cash basis.

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