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Rockingham County, NH

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Office hours – Monday through Friday8:00 am – 4:00 pm
Recording Line Closes at 3:30 pm

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How to search for property information using the website

It is easy and convenient for anyone to use the website created for the registries of deeds of several counties, located at By simply using the steps that follow, you will quickly be on your way to searching the records for your property.

Note that all documents recorded in the registries of deeds are available online, including plans. Documents may be called up using a book and page number or a search of the index. Plans are indexed in the town where the property is located under street/road names as well as owner/developer.

1. To begin your search, go to the website located at and click on the county of your choice. We will use Rockingham County as the example.

2. Click on “Search County Records” located on the left side of the screen.

3. A Registry Disclaimer will then appear on the screen. You must click on “Accept Agreement” at the bottom of the Disclaimer page to continue on.

4. A Gray Index/Image Search Application box will then appear on your screen. If you do not have Java on your PC, the application will not load. Instead you will see a page that includes information how to check for Java and contains a link to where you can obtain a free copy.

5. The Search Application box will contain an area to the top left where you can enter name information to do an index search, an area at the top right where you can put in a book and page or plan number if you know the document you are looking for. There is an area at the bottom right to login if you have a print charge account with the Registry.

6. Before continuing, you should know the difference between a “grantor” and a “grantee”. A “grantor” is the individual granting/giving/selling the property, and a “grantee” is the person getting/receiving/buying the property.

7. Note the scroll down box “How to Search” with hints for your search. If you are unfamiliar with searching property records, you may want to read these hints prior to continuing.

8.If you know the book and page number of the document you are looking for, enter it now and then press “click here to view document.”

9. If you do not know the book and page number, enter the surname (last name) and given name (first name) of the person you are searching if known at the upper left area of the Index Search. Then press “Click here to begin search.”

10. The index information will be displayed on your screen. You can now look for the name you searched and highlight the document you wish to see. Click on “View Document” to view it. You may use the “previous” and “next” page icons to view the entire document, or “top” and “bottom” of page buttons to view each individual page in its entirety.

11. When you’ve finished viewing the document, either close the document by using the “X” button on the top right-hand corner of the screen, or click on the next document you wish to view in the index on the left.

12.When finished with the name you selected, and you wish to search another, click the “new index selection” button and enter the new name.

13. Continue your search until you have viewed all the documents you wish. To exit the program, use the “X” button on the right-hand corner of the screen until you have exited the website.

14. If you would like copies of any documents you have viewed, you should make note of the book(s) and page number(s). Please forward your prepaid written request to RCRD, P.O. Box 896, Kingston, NH 03848-0896 and be sure to include a self-addressed stamped envelope or sufficient postage in your payment. Copy charges are noted online at the website.

15. Also available online are outlines of charges for various recording fees and tax stamps.

16.It is simple and convenient to search property records from the comfort of your own home or office. If you find at any time that you need assistance in your search, please do not hesitate to contact our office at (603) 642-5526 and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Search product Ava: AVA allows the public to search and print copies with a credit card for $1.00 per page.

AVA Search Instructions