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Rockingham County, NH

Cathy Ann Stacey, Register
Becky Burns, Deputy Register

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10 Route 125 | P.O. Box 896
Brentwood, NH 03833 | Kingston, NH 03848

Tel. (603)642-5526| Fax (603)642-5930
Office hours – Monday through Friday8:00 am – 4:00 pm
Recording Line Closes at 3:30 pm

Rockingham Registry Home


You can now access Rockingham County Registry of Deeds records using Tapestry, an alternative “pay as you go” resource, for searching land records.

With a credit card, this program will allow you to search by name or book and page, and to print most documents.

The actual image of the document will be seen and can be printed. You can search by book and page (input as document#: book#-page#) or by name. We recommend a search by name and select ALL documents unless you want to print one specific document for which the book/page is known.

For further information and instructions to familiarize yourself with Tapestry ‘pay per use’; click HERE

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NOTE: Tapestry is optimized for Internet Explorer and you must have Adobe Reader installed to print documents.