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Sullivan County

Janet Gibson, Register / Renee Simino, Deputy Register
14 Main Street, 2nd Floor, Newport NH 03773
Phone: 603-863-2110 / Fax: 603-863-0013
Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

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Sullivan County


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Upcoming Laredo/Tapestry Webinars

Searching with Laredo v8 Desktop, Laredo Anywhere, and Tapestry Webinars
These webinars cover the basics of searching with Laredo and Tapestry while also highlighting the new features in the latest version of Laredo. By attending, both new users and experienced users will learn how to effectively search county land records with some helpful tips and tricks. The webinars are hosted on the second and third Thursday of each month and start at 10 AM (CST). Each webinar lasts about 45 minutes.

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LAREDO: Laredo is a downloadable desktop application that is a robust and powerful tool for the professional user. Fidlar Technologies offers training webinars for those who wish to become more familiar with the software. Visit for more information.
** In Laredo, plans are programmed to stretch to fit the paper, therefore, plans printed from Laredo may not be to scale.**
**The property description is now in Laredo. It is appearing in the REF NUMBER field.
If you have removed the REF NUMBER field, go into templates, right click on any header, click Field Chooser. Click and drag the REF NUMBER back as a header.

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